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UK's #1 Click Fraud Protection Service - Stop Competitors, Bots & People Excessively Clicking on Your Ads.
Click Fraud
Professional Click Fraud Detection & Management
Our systems not only detect click fraud, but also automate stopping it too.
Easy Setup

Once signed up we'll send you a welcome email with full instructions, simply insert a snippet of tracking code to your website, add your AdWords Customer ID and you can rest assured click fraud is being dealt with!

IPv4 & IPv6 Support

Our systems fully support traditional IPv4 and the new IPv6 addressing protocol, this makes Click Guardian even more accurate at detecting click fraud than ever before.

Immediate Real-Time Detection

24/7 monitoring means your Google AdWords ads are being protected at all times. We issue real-time blocks to your AdWords campaigns when click fraud is detected so you can rest assured that click fraud is being dealt with effectively.

Desktops and Mobiles

Click Guardian works with desktops and mobile devices too. Our system protects against bots, competitors and people who excessively click on your AdWords ads, whatever device being used.

What is Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a major problem that can cost Google Ads advertisers dearly. Through repeatedly clicking on your ads, a competitor, bot or person can dramatically inflate the cost of your advertising. This results in a loss of confidence in the Google AdWords platform but more seriously it causes a financial loss to your business. Click Guardian will monitor visitor behaviour and block click fraud activity in real-time.

Click Fraud more than doubles between 2016 and 2017 – Source: Business Insider

In 2017 it’s estimated that $16.7 billion will be lost due to click fraud which is more than double of 2016 estimated at $7.2 billion.

Click Fraud
Click Fraud Dashboard

Simple, Informative & Easy for Anyone to Use.

  • Access via Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops.
  • Immediately see the details of attackers.
  • Setup email notifications to alert you to fraud.
  • Change your settings in real-time, on the go.
  • Access Statistics and Graphs showing a breakdown of clicks.
  • Block Google Ads Click Fraud Automatically
Choose a Click Fraud Package
The UK's Best Google AdWords Anti Click Fraud Service - Rated 4.97/5 on (Over 65 Reviews) - All Prices Include VAT

£7.50 p/m

  • Check1 Website
  • Check24/7 Monitoring
  • CheckFraudulent Click Email Notifications
  • CheckUpto 1,500 Ad Clicks
  • CheckNo Google Ads Link Required
  • Check14 Day Free Trial
  • Check24/7 Unlimited UK Support

£70 p/m

  • Check3 Websites
  • Check24/7 Monitoring
  • CheckAutomated Google Ads Blocking
  • CheckPersistent Offender Protection
  • CheckDaily, Weekly & Monthly Email Reports
  • CheckUnlimited Clicks
  • Check14 Day Free Trial
  • CheckNo Contract, cancel anytime
  • Check24/7 Unlimited Support

£150 p/m

  • CheckFrom 10 Websites
  • Check24/7 Monitoring
  • CheckAutomated Google Ads Blocking
  • CheckPersistent Offender Protection
  • CheckDaily, Weekly & Monthly Email Reports
  • CheckUnlimited Clicks
  • CheckNo Contract, cancel anytime
  • Check24/7 Unlimited Support
  • CheckFull Whitelabel Solution
  • CheckAdmin Control Panel
  • CheckSingle Sign-on

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Who’s Clicking on Your Ads?

Click fraud can be hugely disruptive and financially damaging for any business utilising the Google Ads platform, be it large or small. Unfortunately we cannot stop click fraud from occurring in the first place but we can prevent it from happening to you and your business. At Click Guardian we aim to protect your business from click fraud in all its forms.

You may wonder who is clicking on your ads. Hopefully, and in the majority of cases, its legitimate sources of interest in what you’re offering. However, there will always be the risk of illegitimate, fraudulent clicks and you can never underestimate how damaging they can be.

That said, it’s important to outline who or what is committing click fraud against you. Unsurprisingly, and especially in today’s digital world, it’s not always a person who is driving your costs up and your conversions down.

At Click Guardian we aim to identify potential sources of click fraud and we have neatly categorized these sources to help you understand who and what is committing click fraud on your Google Ads campaigns.

Firstly, there is the simple fact that your competitors can click on your ads in an attempt to reduce your advertising presence and inflate your costs. This isn’t particularly fair but inevitably it does happen.

Next we have proxies, VPNs, and other anonymizers which are becoming more common. Click fraud perpetrators are sometimes known to utilise these techniques to attempt click fraud but are increasingly more detectable by click fraud prevention systems.

Finally, there are the bots. Now the internet is awash with bots, both good and bad in nature. In fact the majority of all internet traffic comes from bots (about 52% to be precise!).  Bots are frequently used for click fraud to influence and direct traffic which is ultimately fraudulent in nature. By interacting with either one or multiple networks, bots can manipulate traffic, causing costs to rise and invalid conversions to occur. Thankfully, bots can be targeted and eliminated from performing click fraud, usually by applying methods which are good at spotting bot-like behaviour.

It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes ‘friendly fire’ click fraud can occur. After all, it’s easy to accidentally click on an ad which would naturally make it appear as if the interest was genuine.

Whatever the effects of click fraud, you can be assured that Click Guardian will be able to protect your business and avoid the long term negative effects that competitors, bots, VPNs and careless users can cause – start your Free 14 Day Trial of Click Guardian Pro.